The Fall in Fives: an introduction

I’ve read in many places that blogging is dead, redundant, etc. And that may well be the case; my web browsing isn’t wide-ranging enough to comment with any authority. So why do this (I’ll explain what ‘this’ is in a moment)?

  1. Other than my family, music is my main passion in life.
  2. I love writing (I do a lot of it as part of my work, and I find that a positive aspect).
  3. I love The Fall.
  4. I used to love the Fall Online Forum (hereafter known as ‘FoF’) – in fact I still kind of do, but more about that later – but opportunities to discuss The Fall’s music on that platform, for a variety of reasons (which, again, I’ll get to later) have rescinded somewhat recently.

There are other reasons too, but I’ll also get to them later. But I should at this stage explain what I intend to do…

Over the last year, I have really enjoyed writing about The Fall on the FoF. One of the threads I participated in with particular enthusiasm was one where several forum members reviewed the albums in chronological order (my first contribution to this is here, and the final one is here). In addition, a few forum members contributed some excellent reviews in a thread where they reviewed all of the albums in alphabetical order.  (This thread is highly recommended: there are some very thoughtful and interesting reviews.)

Anyway: all of the review stuff I have written has been album-based, and I thought it might be interesting to look at the Fall’s songs on a more individual track basis. The Fall Tracks A-Z site lists over 500 songs (including O! Zztrrk Man twice, for some reason). When I take out songs that have never actually been recorded (e.g. Race Hatred), it leaves the pleasing round figure of 520. Which, circuitously, got me thinking about reviewing them in batches of five. This was partly inspired by the notion of calling this ‘5 a day’; however, I realise that significance of this name might be a little lost on anyone reading this who isn’t from the UK (although wikipedia would suggest that this isn’t actually a British phenomenon only).

So, to get (finally) to the point, I have applied a random number generator to the 520 songs, divvied them up into batches of 5, and aim to review them as stand-alone songs. Doing it this way – working on the basis that I can do a couple of ‘batches’ a week – should enable me to cover all of them in a year. This may be over-ambitious, I know… But even if my readership never cracks double figures (an entirely believable scenario), I’m sure I will still enjoy doing it.

I have actually done the first batch today, but this is probably enough for an introductory post. So: part 001 to follow…


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